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Vital preparation for anyone undergoing ibogaine treatment for addiction. Provides both pre-and-post treatment guidance.

Organisation that establishes and upholds best practises and guidelines for all ibogaine treatment providers worldwide. Also establishes and looks after the rights of those undergoing treatment.

Research and educational organisation dedicated to the integration of visionary plants into modern culture.

Research organisation aiming to bring psychedelics into the legally regulated medical sphere as treatments for mental health issues.

Dr. Gabor Mate, a leading expert on addiction and the use of visionary plants in the treatment of trauma and other mental health issues.

TED Talk by Johann Hari explaining the true nature of addiction, and why connection is the only real cure.

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Fantastic resources offering information about all things psychedelic. Also organizes events, psychedelic experience weekends, and campaigns for the legal regulation of psychedelics.

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The Third Wave - an online resource providing information on psychedelic microdosing.