Overcoming Addiction By Transforming The Inner Voice In Your Head

Everyone has a voice in their head that feeds them a continual stream of messages, interpretations, judgements and instructions, colouring their experience of reality and defining the way they see themselves. For example, when people feel scared or alone, the voice in their head may become highly critical, telling them that they are inadequate, unworthy and useless, and urging them to withdraw from the world and isolate themselves.

While this inner voice is often described as a ‘demon’, it is in fact a symptom of deep psychological pain, and is nothing more than the psyche’s attempt to protect itself. Any time the inner voice compels us to isolate ourselves from others – as so often occurs in addiction – it does so in order to avoid having to confront a situation that it finds too painful to deal with.

Yet rather than offering an escape from pain or making life easier for us, this subconscious defence mechanism just makes us feel even more lonely, inadequate and ashamed, as we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world and become trapped by our addiction.

The intention for anyone undertaking psychedelic treatment for addiction should therefore not be simply to detox and get clean, but to transform this inner voice so that it no longer compels them to protect and isolate themselves.

To achieve this, it is first necessary to understand that this inner voice is not one’s authentic voice, but is the voice of their internalised pain, trauma and conditioning. By learning to become aware of this inauthentic voice prior to psychedelic treatment, it is possible to begin the process of separating oneself from it. Once this is achieved, it becomes much easier to enter deeply into the psychedelic experience without the mind shutting it down by putting up its regular defences and resistance.

For this reason, it is essential to undertake some training and preparation with an experienced psychedelic counsellor before taking psychedelics. Doing so will make it much easier to navigate the treatment process and bring about the inner transformation that is needed to overcome addiction.

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