Live Event: Using Psychedelics To Treat Addiction

Psychedelics and Addiction

If you want to learn how psychedelics can be used to treat addiction then come along to our live event in London on December 13th. Hosted by The Psychedelic Society, this one-off talk followed by Q&A will provide an opportunity to find out everything you need to know about this topic, and have all your questions answered.

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This event will explore the potential of psychedelics to help bring about recovery from addiction. Led by Anders Beatty and Ben Taub – the founders of Ibogaine Counselling Services and – the discussion will focus on the ways in which visionary compounds can be used to generate meaningful rites of passage that facilitate a lasting recovery.

We will look at the pros and cons of the current psychedelic treatment options available to people suffering from addiction, and shed light on the necessary components of a successful treatment. In particular, we will explore the nature of addiction as a spiritual condition arising from the disconnection and inauthenticity that is particular to modern life. As such, spiritual knowledge and practise are fundamental to the future success of psychedelic treatments for addiction.

However, the indigenous spiritual traditions that have developed around plant medicines are not always culturally relevant to Westerners, and may not carry the emotional salience necessary to inspire healing. With the help of Bwitist and plant medicine expert Ben Taylor, we will examine the practises that can and should be introduced by those working with psychedelics to heal the spiritual deficiencies inherent in addiction.

If money is a barrier preventing you from attending this event please contact to request a bursary place.