Ibogaine: The Reset Switch

Ibogaine is totally unique in that is the only substance that is known to totally eliminate withdrawal symptoms from opioids, cocaine and other drugs, with a single flood dose of ibogaine often sufficient to produce this effect. It has also been found to remove all acquired tolerance to certain drugs, meaning that a person who has built up resistance to a particular substance due to long-term use will often find their susceptibility to low doses restored, just like someone with no history of drug use. Obviously, this means that those who do fall back into using after their ibogaine treatment should take great care, as the risk of overdose is greatly increased. Yet it is also indicative of ibogaine’s overall ‘reset’ effect, which is a product of its multiple interactions with the brain’s many neural networks and neurotransmitter systems.

It is extremely common for people to describe a feeling of having been reset immediately after a flood dose of ibogaine. The sudden and immediate removal of withdrawal symptoms means that people are able to experience their body and their mind in a clean state for the first time in years. Senses that have been dulled by years of drug use suddenly come alive, making colours seem brighter, food taste better, and the world seem more vivid and beautiful; it’s like a rebirth, and an opportunity to start connecting to a life that you never knew existed.

In addition, the mind becomes stiller and quieter, leading to a reprieve from mental chatter. As a result, many people find that as well as having no physical withdrawals, they are also free from all thoughts about drugs, and are therefore able to remember what it felt like to have never used drugs.

Yet as wonderful as this reset effect may be, it can easily lull people into a false sense of security and lead to complacency. Declaring oneself ‘cured’ of addiction and therefore totally immune to the danger of relapse is a common mistake, and often leads to major problems down the line. In reality, the work is only just beginning, as the ibogaine reset provides an opportunity to start living a new and rewarding life that doesn’t involve drugs, but it doesn’t hand this life to you on a plate. By generating a reprieve from withdrawals and cravings, it creates some space for people to begin dealing with the issues underlying their addiction, exploring their newly expanded world and learning to live in a way that fulfils them.

To assume that one will be able to walk back into one’s old life and face the same old triggers without using again is extremely naïve and foolish. After all, being reset means that you have a chance to start again and choose a new path, but those who don’t start doing things differently will inevitably find themselves drifting down the same road as before, and returning to addiction.

Being reset on a physiological level means that one is no longer bound by drug dependence to associate with the same people or frequent the same places as previously, and has regained both the power and the responsibility to take control of one’s life and start making better decisions. This requires a lot of self-examination, and a reassessment of one’s daily routines. With the help of an experienced psychedelic counsellor – particularly one that specialises in ibogaine-assisted recovery from drug addiction – it is possible to make the most of this reset and start living to one’s full potential.

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