Ibogaine For Addiction: Flood Dose Or Microdosing?

Ibogaine has become known for its ability to remove withdrawals and cravings from opioids and other drugs when taken in high doses – also known as a flood dose – although some people may prefer the idea of microdosing as an alternative way of tackling their addiction.

The advantage of microdosing is that it doesn’t produce any of the consciousness-altering effects that typically accompany a flood dose, and which can be extremely intense and difficult to deal with for some people. A flood dose of ibogaine also tends to generate heavy physical ataxia and a strong bodily purge – often in the form of vomiting – which can all be avoided by taking microdoses instead.

Microdosing involves taking tiny quantities of ibogaine – whether in the form of iboga root bark or a more concentrated form of the extracted alkaloid – on a regular basis over a period of time. Though there hasn’t been any in-depth research into the benefits of microdosing, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it helps people remain more emotionally balanced and view their thoughts more objectively, without associating too strongly with what is passing through their head at a given moment.

Because of this, microdosing can be an effective tool to help people deal with cravings without giving in to them, instead allowing them to simply pass through their mind and disappear. As such, the practise is often adopted by those whose addiction is more psychological than biological. People who have become dependent on gambling or certain stimulants that don’t produce physical withdrawals, for example, may find that they have more power to resist their cravings thanks to microdosing.

Similarly, those who have overcome a physiological addiction to opioids and no longer suffer from withdrawals often find that microdosing helps them stay clean long-term, as it enables them to simply observe any thoughts of using as if watching images appear on a movie screen before disappearing.

However, those who are still in active addiction and continue to suffer from withdrawals when they stop using are unlikely to get clean by microdosing alone. Quite simply, a microdose of ibogaine is not sufficient to take away withdrawals, and a flood dose is the only thing that is likely to achieve this.

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