How Psychedelics Help You Connect To Your Authentic Self

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Everyone has a voice in their head which narrates, interprets and, above all, judges their reality. Yet this inner judgement is never a reflection of any objective truth; rather, it is merely a fiction created by the mind in order to try and make sense of the world.

As well as judging the events in our lives, this voice also judges us. It can tell us that we are wonderful, worthy and loveable, or it can tell us that we are a waste of space, completely worthless and not deserving of love. In doing so, it sets our self-image, which is always a false judgement of who we are.

Sometimes this inauthentic self-image can be so negative that the entire experience of being alive becomes intolerably painful, which is why we turn to drugs, gambling or other behaviours in an attempt to escape.

Learning to see beneath this false self-image and open one’s eyes to the objective truth is incredibly uplifting and liberating. It leads to a place of pure experience, where we are able to simply be, without judging ourselves and our lives, or imposing false meanings and interpretations on things. In doing so, it becomes apparent that we are not what we have always believed ourselves to be. Instead, we are nothing more and nothing less than a part of nature, and as such we are always perfect, regardless of the difficulties we may be experiencing in our lives. Losing a job, leaving a relationship or being unable to afford the things we want does not change this objective fact about who and what we really are; but it is the way that we judge ourselves in response to these situations that creates despair and negative self-image.

Experienced meditators know that overcoming the judgement of the mind and experiencing reality objectively is the ultimate goal of meditation. Yet psychedelics can also help us to reach this state. By fully surrendering to the psychedelic experience, it becomes possible to relinquish all judgement and finally see beyond one’s inauthentic self-image, catching a glimpse of the inner truth. People who achieve this often see themselves as pure light and totally connected to everything in the universe, leading to a profound change in their self-image thereafter.

However, it is not always easy to attain this experience using psychedelics, and preparing mentally for the experience is important for those who truly want to break free of their negative mental chatter and connect to their authentic self.

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