Does Ibogaine Work For Everyone?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Ibogaine recovery from addiction

From a physiological point of view, ibogaine is the best addiction interrupter there is. People who are dependent on short-acting opioids like heroin or morphine will find that one flood dose is sufficient to remove their withdrawals and significantly reduce their cravings - although they might still experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) after treatment. Those who use longer-lasting opioids such as methadone or Subutex, however, may find some lingering withdrawal symptoms like pain in the legs after their ibogaine treatment, although these can often be treated with booster doses or microdoses of ibogaine until they too have completely vanished. In all cases, the dosing protocol should be overseen by an experienced practitioner who fully understands all of the safety hazards that are involved with this type of treatment.

On top of this, most people who take a flood dose of ibogaine tend to experience more balanced moods and greater clarity of thought in the period after their treatment, which helps to keep psychological cravings at bay. This is extremely useful for anyone who is suffering from any kind of addiction, be it to drugs like heroin, cocaine or alcohol, or to activities like gambling, shopping, or compulsive eating.

However, this does not mean that ibogaine cures addiction. By tackling the physical side of addiction and providing a temporary feel-good factor, ibogaine merely gives people an opportunity to start working on their own recovery; it removes the surface layer of the addiction, so that those who truly want to get clean can begin the work of transforming themselves on a deeper level and discovering a new relationship with themselves and the world around them.

It is worth remembering that the mind works in patterns, and in the case of addiction, these patterns are often very firmly established. After a period of time, the ibogaine afterglow will wear off and the mind will revert back to its old patterns, leading to the same cravings and behaviours as before. Yet the neural networks that underlie these patterns are plastic, meaning they are not permanent and can be changed.

Such a change does not occur overnight, so it would be extremely foolish to believe that one ibogaine treatment is sufficient to completely rewire the mind and remove all traces of addiction. But working on implementing new ideas, philosophies and behaviours over a period of time can bring about a total transformation of one’s consciousness, raising it to a higher level. After all, as any neuroscientist will tell you, “neurons that fire together wire together.”

Ibogaine therefore merely takes away the obstacles that make it impossible for people in addiction to start working on this mental transformation. In doing so, it provides a window of opportunity for those who truly desire recovery to begin the process of moving onto that higher plane of consciousness, where life is suddenly full of meaning, purpose and beauty. Ibogaine will not do this for you, but it is the launchpad from where you can begin working on your own recovery.

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